CELLUS.PAPI, Influencer & Independent Music Star

Cellus.Papi, . Click here prominent Indie artist from North Carolina is soon to Launch an impending new presentation collection .

The CEO of label Strictly Business Entertainment is a skilled hip-hop artist and Artist Manager overseeing specialists around the world. Cellus.Papi has been Hot for some time now and is presently on the radar to turn into the new biggest Star in the business.

He has been highlighted in numerous famous online journals and has joint efforts with numerous A1 celebs in the business. He has music knowledge and talent as well as being very knowledgeable sense of Marketing in the business field too with incredible information in promoting and openness for artist & brands .

About Cellus.Papi

Cellus.Papi is a famous Indie artist from North Carolina and is likewise the CEO of the Label Strictly Business Entertainment. He is presently 23 and has set up a firm position in the Entertainment business. Artist Cellus.Papi has been making a ton of commotion recently and we recommend you go take a tune in for yourself! He’s certainly the following star of our generation.

growing up and educational life

Brought into the world on November 13, 1996, the Indie artist additionally has his name known as Strictly Business Entertainment. Building up a solid and significant type in R&B, Rap/hip hop, and R&B, Cellus.Papi has made a fruitful position for himself.

The VIP artist offers online media showcasing and advancement to specialists and marks and has various tunes and music collections under his cap.

His songs are available on all Platforms:

The tunes are published on famous music stages, for example, Spotify, Apple Music,and Amazon Music which stream promotion free tunes for audience members to make a large portion of. The CD’s and MP3’s are accessible on Amazone.com for music fans to purchase. With over 148k+ followers on Instagram and tallying, Cellus.Papi is without a doubt winning hearts across the present reality.

Achieving the genuine quintessence of rap, hip hop, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the Indie artist from North Carolina vows to engage the crowd much more with the impending introduction collection.

His Famous Track-list:
Figuring Less being his recent Hit single !
Followed by :
2.Money Talk
3.Might as Well
4.On Beat
8.U and I
9.Do your Dance

Cellus.Papi 1 Top Influencer & Artist

Cellus.Papi is a beloved indie artist in North Carolina . But known global as he has attracted a large fan base.

Up-coming talents should definitely contact the Label as they are growing and developing artist . CEO Cellus.papi is a gifted hip hop artist handling artists globally. He works hard to maintain the business and provides a suitable performing platform to the many hip hop artists.

Cellus.Papi is getting famous and is currently a sensation for be rewarded the newest star in the business.He has been featured on several popular sites and contains collaborations with several celebrities in the business. He has audio knowledge However, he is quite informed in the company field, also with the right expertise in advertising and vulnerability for an artist and brands he offers.

He has established a strong and thoughtful celebrity in R&B, Rap/hip jump, and R&B, Cellus.Papi has left a thriving stance for themselves. He was Born in Fredericksburg Virginia and later relocated to North Carolina where he attended NCCU School, at which he dropped out as he was focused on his Music Career.

The celebrity performer provides social networking marketing and marketing to brands and artists and contains numerous tunes and music records .

If you want to get his work, you can find the tunes printed on popular audio programs like Spotify and Amazon Music, which flow advertising-free tunes for listeners to create all.

Cellus.Papi as a Social Media Influencer

Cellus.Papi is a brand influencer across societal platforms. He provides marketing solutions to businesses, brands, and other abilities or artists across social networking.

He has specialization in promotions via Instagram for brands, talent, style, or another Music-related. Entirely Independent artist, self-administration.

Cellus.Papi follows his latest Hit single “FIGURING LESS” with a debut album coming soon. Bringing about the authentic gist of rap, hip hop, and much more, the literary artist in North Carolina guarantees to amuse the crowd with the forthcoming debut album.

Cellus.Papi as a Hip Hop recording Artist

As we know that people nowadays love to listen to hip hop music and enjoy it very much. So in this fast era, there are many options to enjoy hip hop music and as a new music artist Cellus.Papi is also on this list.Cellus.Papi is famous as a hip hop recording artist. The young generation all around the world likes his work, and he is becoming an influencer among them.

As I mentioned above, he is from North Carolina, but his fans are all around the globe.

Cellus.Papi as an Artist Manager

Behind each successful performer is a talented and hard-working supervisor. Artist direction in the audio sector is an incredibly difficult and fast-paced job that’s ideal for someone who enjoys music and wishes to play a substantial role in shaping an artist’s livelihood.

As an artist manager Cellus.Papi presented his expertise, became the representative of different artists’ brands, and gave different bits of advice to musicians and bands.

He helps different artists obtain their music under the control of producers and label executives,negotiating contracts, and setting up tours.

Cellus.Papi performs his duties as the best artist manager and becomes a well-known manager among most artists.

Indie artist Cellus.Papi is creating a great deal of noise recently, and we advise you to take a listen to yourself!

If he continues his hard work, then no power can stop him. So he will be undoubtedly be a for coming star of the generation.

If you want more information about this incredible and multi-talented man, you can comment below and get more information.


Cellus.Papi is without a doubt winning hearts across the present reality. Achieving the genuine quintessence of rap, hip hop, and that’s just the beginning, the Indieartist from North Carolina vows to engage the crowd significantly more with the forthcoming debut album. Click here to learn more.

More links and Info attached –
. CELLUS.PAPI is forming large buzz with New single and latest release “Figuring Less – Single by CELLUS.PAPI”
Check it out Let us know what you think

Figuring Less – Single by CELLUS.PAPI
Apple – https://music.apple.com/us/album/figuring-less-single/1546863777

Spotify –

IG : instagram.com/cellus.papi
Feature & Brand Inquiries-
Contact: Strictlybusiness@celluspapi.com / Sbemanagement@celluspapi.com

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Strictly Business Entertainment
Contact Person: Marcellus Major
Email: Send Email
Phone No: 2529554361
State: NC
Country: United States
Website Url: https://instagram.com/cellus.papi?igshid=6w2jh2jjww3m

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