Huambo: 41 years of independence stimulate reflection - governor

Huambo - The governor of the central Huambo Province, João Baptista Kussumua, said last Tuesday in this city that the celebrations of the 41 years of Angolan independence should represent to Angolans motive of pride and reflection about the challenges the country has been facing.,

The official was speaking at the official opening of the provincial commemorations of the country’s 41st independence anniversary, which is to be marked on 11 November (2016).  


He said the liberation of Angolans from colonial yoke was achieved with a lot of sacrifice, dedication and sense of mission.


According to João Baptista Kussumua, the sense of patriotism has to prevail among Angolans as a factor of social harmony and national unity.


He seized the occasion to make a brief account of the works that the Angolan Executive has been doing since the achievement of effective peace in 2002, highlighting the construction of bridges, roads, schools, hydroelectric dams, railways and various economic infrastructures.   


The Huambo governor acknowledged, however, that the challenges are still many, but with unity, he stressed, it will be possible to overcome them.


The act was attended by chieftains, military officials, religious personalities and representatives of political parties.


This year’s independence celebrations will take place under the motto “11 November, united for a developed Angola”.


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We are proud that Kenya is known as the Cradle of Mankind, a land of unique and rich natural beauty, a unique splendour which brought almost a million and a half tourists to our country last year.
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