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'The Emoji Movie' has a zero score on Rotten Tomatoes - critics are eviscerating the film

There is perhaps no single emoji to reflect just how savagely film critics are trashing "The Emoji Movie." A succession of skulls and dumpster fires would only begin to suggest the intensity of the ve
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Federal gov't announces plan to protect caribou after legal action taken

The federal government has come up with a proposed plan to protect Canada's threatened boreal caribou population, three months after a wildlife conse
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Soviet hangover: How people drank beer in the USSR

A man at a beer stand, Leningrad Region. / Nikolai Adamovich/TASS Before the revolution, the Russian Empire produced different varieties of beers brewed according to Western standards: Venskoe (Vien
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Itís time to swim in the salt pit: 4 fun activities in a remote Urals town

The salt dumps near Solikamsk. / Oleg Vorobyov While approaching Solikamsk, huge salt dumps resembling towering mountains will come into view. This Ural town located 130 miles north of Perm and 1,000
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Mice to humans: No longer lost in translation

Mouse models have advanced our understanding of immune function and disease in many ways but they have failed to account for the natural diversity in human immune responses. As a result, insights gain
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How human cells maintain the correct number of chromosomes

Researchers have discovered an important part of the mechanism involved in how chromosomes are pulled apart during cell division, so that one complete set goes into each of the new cells.
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