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Drug improves brain performance in Rett syndrome mice

A brain penetrant drug -- a small-molecule mimetic of BDNF, or brain derived neurotrophic factor -- is able to improve brain performance in Rett syndrome mice -- specifically synaptic plasticity in th
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Dementia: BACE inhibitor improves brain function

The protein amyloid beta is believed to be the major cause of Alzheimer's disease. Substances that reduce the production of amyloid beta, such as BACE inhibitors, are therefore promising candidates fo
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Farmer stunned to find 10 cows killed by lightning in scene like 'war zone'

VERNON BRIDGE, P.E.I. - Ten P.E.I. cows have been killed by a lightning strike so powerful it appears to have tossed some of the animals over a fence. Veteran farmer Blair ...
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Four men found in shipping container in Montreal released from detention

MONTREAL - Four men found in a shipping container at the Port of Montreal are being released from detention today as they await their refugee claim hearings. Border agents in Montreal ...
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Toronto donors confident iconic collection of Leibovitz photos will be displayed

HALIFAX - A wealthy Toronto family that donated a multi-million-dollar collection of Annie Leibovitz photographs to a small Halifax art gallery is confident the works will eventually be displayed. Bu
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Matthew Boyd’s new daughter has perfect timing

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd is the father of a new baby girl. And her timing was better than a bases-loaded strikeout.             
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