Robots are stealing far more jobs than foreign workers, researchers say

Despite Donald Trump's charge that 'we don't make anything anymore,' manufacturing is still flourishing in the US. But, factories now don't need as many people due to the rise of machines.
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The latest TV Box to hit the market is the Beelink i68. It is an Android 5.1 TV box powered by Rockchip’s hottest 64-bit SoC, the RK3368. The box is garnering a lot of attention because of it
The craze for multi-functional devices among generation next remains unabated. Manufacturers of electronic devices are focusing on developing many such unique products to catch the attention of cus
Excelvan CL720D is a portable LED Projector with slot for digital TV Slot. This advanced device is a projector that allows you and your family and friends to enjoy your favorite programs on a large
BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Chinese tech conglomerate LeEco's sports unit said it completed a new round of funding that valued it at 24 billion yuan ($3.50 billion) and that its investors will form a
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Japanese and South Korean buying helped drive the price of bitcoin to an all-time high this week, with the digital currency more than doubling its value since the start of the ye
A recent case in the Israeli courts saw a defendant pay $3000 because of a few texts and emojis. While this all might seem a little silly, it signals
After 1.9 million email addresses were stolen from Bell's system, a person using the online handle "exodus" claimed to be one of two people behind th
“Silicon Valley” star T.J. Miller has decided to leave the franchise after four seasons. According to Variety, the hit HBO series has just been renewed for fifth season, but Miller and the team behin
“Chicago Justice” may have been canceled by NBC after one season, but this does not mean executive producer Michael Chernuchin has lost his job. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the EP has been t
The company says that the new version has been able to "learn from hundreds of unique voices from less than a half an hour of data per speaker".
“Arrow” lead star Stephen Amell recently competed in “American Ninja Warrior: Celebrity Edition.” On Thursday night, the actor, who plays the role of Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Arrow, dominated the course
Using the numerous images captured by JunoCam, experts have created enhanced colour-images showing a sequenced glimpse of how how quickly the viewing geometry changes for Juno as it swoops by Jupiter
While speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, President Donald Trump told him ‘you were my guy,’ and maintained that he never supported far-right candidate Marine Le Pen during th
Contrary to the popular misconception, Red Nose Day 2017, which took place on May 25, has nothing to do with your nose. While the idea of wearing a bright red ball on your nose might seem like fun an
IT company Mphasis today reported a 17.6 per cent increase in consolidated net profit at Rs 184.1 crore for the period ended March 31. The company had posted net profit of Rs 156.5 crore in the sam..
I had a three-part reaction: it’s not that big a deal; the cuts are generally reasonable and some are even brave; but the budget as a whole is so problematic that I’ve no desire to defend it.
New details about Chris Cornell's death revealed by TMZ Thursday claimed the singer had fresh track marks on his arm when he was found dead in the bathroom of his MGM Grand Detroit hotel room last we
While President Trump is away on his first official foreign trip, a Virginia-based federal appeals court rejected his government's efforts to limit travel to the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim na
This solitary wave is a new discovery that may increase the potential for sustained ice loss in Greenland as the climate continues to warm, with implications for the future rate of sea level rise.
NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has boldly gone where few machines have gone before, having travelled a distance about 50 times farther than the Earth is from the sun, beyond the orbit of Pluto. And a
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) diverted its attention to President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner in its investigation into the collusion between Russia and Tru
As per reports, the water level in the freshwater body has gone down by an unprecedented 18 feet below the normal level this summer, causing huge concerns amongst environmentalists and tourists alike
UPDATE: 12 a.m. EDT --- According to the latest reports, five more houses have been engulfed by the fire Thursday and a woman has been injured.  Stockton Fire Chief Erik Newman has informed that the
“Supernatural” star Mark Sheppard has left the hit The CW series, but there were rumors that he could reprise his role as Crowley sometime in the near future.
From 2011 to 2016 – from the year Juno was launched, till the time it entered Jupiter's orbit – the findings from the first data-collection pass, which flew within about 2,600 miles (4,200 kilom
“Chicago PD” may have just been renewed by NBC for a fifth season, but the series has already lost one of its key characters. According to Deadline, Sophia Bush’s character, Lindsay, will no longer r
The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is now official after the Chinese manufacturer announced its latest smartphone at a press event in Beijing, China Thursday. While several smartphone makers are aiming to even make
SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it would set up a 500 billion won ($445 million) fund to help small suppliers, the highest-profile South Korean firm to unveil steps in the wake of ne
The “Married at First Sight” are officially cohabitating. After finding new places, each couple moved in together in Season 5, episode 7. While Nate Duhon and Sheila Downs grew closer, the other coup
T-Mobile will allow subscribers to connect their phone number for use on to other electronic devices, such as PCs, wearables, and other smartphones, with a new service, called Digits. The service goe
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's police have arrested 44 people over a scam which saw many as 93,000 people contribute start-up capital to "unfreeze" assets smuggled overseas when the Nationalist governme
Researchers discovered when flamingos stand on one leg they use no muscular effort to do so. This is due to their unique skeletal system and gravity. Video provided by Newsy       
Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in the works for a while now, but fans will have to wait slightly longer to get an extended look at the upcoming action-adventure game. In a comment to a post on In
A new study examined why private-land conservation data is sometimes inaccessible and found that limited capacity within some federal agencies as well as laws prohibiting others from disclosing certai
In one more sign of how tech riches are backing political ambitions on both sides, wealth backed Gianforte-- and his opponent.             
To make the video, the researchers used a cell from an African green monkey's kidney and tagged six different organelles - subunits of the cell - with proteins that glow different colors.
An exploit that affects Android devices has been discovered. Dubbed Cloak and Dagger, the attack is able to disguise a hacker’s activity behind a number of innocuous-looking screens that allow the m

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Romania ranked third in Europe with the newest malls’ stock

Romania is on the third place in top European countries with the newest malls stock, taking into account that 82 percent of the commercial centers functional at the end of 2016 were delivered in the l
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Spectacular road Transalpina might open next week

Transalpina highway might open next week after the snow was cleared off the roadway and were made maintenance works. The commission formed of the representatives of the National Company of Road Infras
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Romania’s Prima Casa program posts record demand

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Iohannis welcomes Trump and Macron in NATO and ensures them about Romania’s support

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis has welcomed American president Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Thursday and ensured them about the
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Warning over the collapse of £31bn car loan debt deals

Two of the world’s biggest credit agencies have issued warnings about the health of loans taken out by car buyers to snap up brand new vehicles for low monthly payments.
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Shares in Frankie & Benny's owner leap despite sales fall

The company, which also owns Mexican-style chain Chiquito, said sales at restaurants open for more than a year fell 1.8 per cent in the 20 weeks to the end of May.
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UK cities' house price growth slows down

18 out of 20 cities saw house prices grow in April, with the average UK city price level rising 5.3 per cent to £247,400, down from 8.7 per cent growth a year ago, according to Hometrack.
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Cuanza Norte International Fair first edition kicks off

Ndalatando - The first edition of the northern Cuanza Norte International Fair (FICN), aimed at promoting the region?s economic potential, kicked off Thursday in Ndalatando city. , The opening cerem
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Angola: Businesspeople reiterate support to economic promotion

Luanda - Associations of several private companies have manifested their unconditional support to the country’s ongoing process of boosting development and growth of its economy. , The businesspeople
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Lunda Sul: Tourism sector contributes to public accounts balance

Saurimo - The hotels and tourism sector can contribute significantly to the balance of public accounts, the creation of new jobs and the fight against poverty, said Thursday in Saurimo, the incumbent
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Angola: Government prioritizes wheat cultivation

Luanda - The agriculture sector is working towards the creation of conditions for farms that bet on wheat cultivation so as to enable them to produce it with competitiveness. , This was said to Angop
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OPEC members agree on 9 month oil cuts extension

Tehran, May 26, IRNA – OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) member states in their 172nd meeting in Vienna on Thursday agreed to extend production cuts for nine months.
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What would a Labour government mean for your money?

Labour is proposing higher earners pay more tax, investors pay more tax, business pays more tax - but protect the state pension triple look - read more in our round-up.
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